The international conference on health to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura was successfully held at the Waters edge, Battaramulla from the 7th - 9th of October 2018, under the theme "Beyond Borders - Towards Excellence". The sessions were held in collaboration with the Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital and Base Hospital Homagama.

The inauguration was held on the 7th evening with the faculty oration which was delivered by Snr. Prof. Kumudu Wijewardene, Professor of Community Medicine. The title of her presentation was "Dreams and reality" where she highlighted some of the work she has done on sexual and reproductive health and gender equality and equity, an area not much studied in Sri Lanka.

Prof. Kamani Wanigasuriya delivered the keynote address on "Chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology-Sri Lankan Perspective" on the first day of the academic sessions, where she showed what is known and what is unknown and need further research on chronic kidney disease in several areas of Sri Lanka. There were two plenary lectures by Prof Andrew McBain speaking on "Wound Management consensus guidelines'. His presentation discussed the contribution of biofilms to wound chronicity and presented the highlights of the consensus document. Prof. Andrew Dawson talking on importance of identity and purpose in research collaboration where it was highlighted the need of research beyond borders and that collaboration is a goal directed actively that utilizer's strengths and capacity of multiple individuals.

There were three symposia on the first day, the first on Polymicrobial infections, with three speakers who spoke on the role of "Microbial bio films on chronic infections" by Dr. Manjula Weerasekara, Dr. Andrew McBain spoke on "Emerging strategies for combating bacterial bio film infections" and Prof Neelika Malavige on "Microbiome in non-communicable diseases". The second symposium was on advances in clinical practice, the three speakers were Dr. Sunethra Senanyake who spoke on "Recent advances in management of refractory epilepsy", the second speaker Dr. Yasas Abeywickrama spoke on "In search of better outcomes in burns" and the third and final speaker on "Bone marrow transplant: the Sri Lankan experience" was delivered by Dr. Lalindra Gooneratne. The final symposium on the first day was organized by the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, National Health Research Council on "Excellence, governance, and ethics in health research". The three speakers for this symposium was Snr. Prof Rohini de Alwis Seneviratne who spoke on "Striving for excellence in conduct of health research", the second speaker Emeritus Professor Anoja Fernando spoke on "Beyond borders on ethics in health research" and the final speaker was Dr. Sudath Samaraweera and his presentation was "research governance strategy for Sri Lanka".

The second day commenced with a very novel and absorbing lecture on "Nanotechnology in health and research" delivered by Prof. Ravi Silva. He imparted new knowledge and highlighted research ideas in Nano medicine in diagnosing, treatment and prevention personalized medicine, Innovative Medicine and Drug delivery. The guest lecture on the second day was delivered by Dr. Indira Kahavita on "Leprosy; everybody's responsibility" where she emphasized the need of doctors on the importance of early and promptly diagnose the disease, eliminate stigma and proper control of the disease to achieve elimination of leprosy from Sri Lanka. The fourth plenary lecture was delivered Prof. Dujeepa Samarasekera who spoke on a very timely topic "Being professional in hypocritical practice setting: Training the future health care practitioner".

In addition to the lectures there was a symposium on the second day on 'Pharmacology and Toxicology' and an interactive session on 'Professionalism'. The three speakers for the symposium were Prof Andrew Dowson who spoke on "Beyond Serendipity: Clinical Toxicology research in Sri Lanka", the second speaker Prof Ravi Silva addressed the gathering on "Nano particles for therapeutics" and the third and final speaker Emeritus Professor Ajith Abesekara spoke on "Safety of herbal drugs".

The interactive session on "Professionalism" was the culmination of the academic sessions. There were three speakers for this session, viz., Ms Kumudini Hettiarchchi, a senior journalist, Dr. Anuruddha Abeygunasekera, Genito-urinary surgeon from the Colombo South Teaching Hospital and Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya, Paediatric Neurologist and President GMOA.

The Dean thanked the chairperson of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Research Committee, Prof. Neluka Fernando, Secretary, Dr. Nithushi Smaranayake and all the committee members of the Research Committee of the FMS for shouldering 100% responsibility in organizing the International Conference on Health Sciences of University of Sri Jayewardenepura for a job well done.






Oral Presentations


Prizes Title Authors

First Places

Comparison of ATL buffer and RNAlater as transport and storage medium for molecular diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis using skin punch biopsy specimen.

Gunaratna GPS, Ranasinghe PHKIS, Manamperi A, Pathirana N, Pathirana H, Wickremasinghe R, de Silva NR, Sooriyarachchi MW, Ahmed Abd El Wahed

Peak Oxygen consumption and blood lactate responses to training of Sri Lankan national male endurance runners: A comparative study.

Wijayasiri KDCU, Wimalasekara SW, Waidyasekara H, Sivayogan S, Thurairaja C

Second Place

Immunolocalisation of hydrogen sulphide producing enzyme cyctathionine gamma lyase in early and late onset preeclampsia.

Dhingra R, Bhatla N, Kshetrapal P, Arora P, Gupta SK, Saxena S, Mochan S

Third Place

Development of a biosensor using antigen-coated silver nanoparticles for the detection of anti-leptospiral antibodies in human sera.

Dahanayake DMMH, Muthusinghe BDS, Sirimuthu NMS, Gamage CD, Jayasundera ACA



Poster Presentations


Prizes Title Authors

First Places

Surface modification of super-paramagnetic magnetite nano particles for bio-conjugation.

Munasinghe MME, Jayarathne L, Athapaththu AMMH, Abeywickreme W

Second Place

Comparison of haemoglobin estimation by HemoCue method and gold standard cyanmethaemoglobin method for screening anaemia: Interim findings among patients at haematology clinic in Colombo South Teaching Hospital.

Arisha SHCN, Uthpala HPK, Seneviwickrama KLMD, Wijesiriwardena IS

Third Place

Association between stress and cognitive function of female adolescents in Galle Educational Zone.

Madhushanthi HJH, Wimalasekera SW, Goonewardena CSE, Amarasekara AATD

Identification and control of black colour speck fungal formation in virgin coconut oil.

Fernando HN, Navarathne SB, Uthpala TGG



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