National Centre for Primary Care and Allergy Research was Established in May 2017 by the funding of University of Sri Jayewardenepura as part of their Township Master Plan, with the intension of uplifting the university research standards to an international calibre, while expanding benefits for the neighbourhood community. This is in accordance with the Ministry of Health and University Grants Commission adjuring to strengthen the primary care programmes to fulfil future demand in parallel to the rise of non-communicable diseases, malignancies, infections in the region and country. Hence extensive research investigating into local and cultural risk factors for these diseases will be of national importance.

Our research arms include Allergy, Palliative care, Nutrition, NCD, IT in primary care, Osteoporosis.

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To make a "healthy society" by combining local, national and international resources
through research and development activities with a view to address the challenges in control,
prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, allergy and cancer.



To contribute to the vision by providing independent, objective, and expert scientific and medical research
on the fields of primary care and allergy.

To conduct high quality research from the above mentioned scientific perspectives to promote
multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative work with National and International Research Centres.

To create a critical mass within the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in the field of primary care and allergy research.






The primary objective of the National research centre in primary care is to enhance the research and capacities of the basic, clinical, public health and other connected scientists in University of Sri Jayewardenepura, by carrying out relevant and highly scientific research on infections, non-communicable diseases and malignancies that would have a direct impact in providing solutions to the major health issues in Sri Lanka as well as globally.

Secondary objectives are to facilitate collaborative studies among University of Sri Jayewardenepura scientific community and attract other researchers to primary care research in their specialties and bring a wealth of experience to their work.






The newly established National Centre for Primary Care and Allergy Research at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura undoubtedly comprises the best infrastructure plus laboratory facilities for innovative research and diagnostics in a Sri Lankan university setting. This will facilitate in providing academic, scientific and research services to the university township as well as for the country, which is one of the felt necessities of the university for a long duration. We have already initiated forming multidisciplinary research teams to conduct a number of research projects with the participation of senior academics from the faculties of Medical Sciences, Applied and Life Sciences.


Some of our facilities include:

  1. Elispot reader system I-spot
  2. CO2 incubator - Initial cell cultures and sample processing
  3. Freezers - -20 and -80
  4. Oven with Fan Convection
  5. Nanodrop
  6. Elisa reader
  7. qPCR system
  8. Magpix system
  9. Distilled Water system
  10. FACS
  11. PCR and Gel doc system
  12. Tissue Culture
  13. Hematology analyzer
  14. Biochemistry analyzer
  15. Phadia system - Immunocap
  16. Immunoassay
  17. Electrolyte analyzer
  18. HPLC analyzer
  19. DEXA scanner







Dr. Chandima Jeewandara

Senior Lecturer
Department of Family Medicine





Dr. T.S.P. Samaranayake

Senior Lecturer
Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Hiranthini De Silva

Department of Family Medicine

Dr. C. Alahakoon

Department of Family Medicine

Dr. G.V.M. Chamath Fernando

Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Kavijaya Wijayasinghe

Research Assistant

Miss. Lalani Samarawickrama

Management Assistant