The integrated MBBS curriculum with a preclinical phase, a para clinical phase and a clinical phase combines sound theoretical knowledge with practical skills in laboratory settings and applications in real life situations through teaching learning activities in many diverse setting. Clinical teaching takes place in 2 teaching hospitals; Colombo South teaching hospital and Sri Jayewardenepura General hospital and many other local health care facilities and preventive health care is learned at the Boralesgamuwa Medical officer of Health area.


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Each academic year consists of three terms, and each term is 10 weeks in duration. Phase I consist of 5 terms, Phase II 6 terms and the Phase III, 3 terms

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Clinical Training Phase I

Clinical Training Phase II


Clinical Training Phase III


Phase I Modules (10)

Phase II Modules
Personal & Professional Development Stream
  Community Health Stream  


The present curriculum is an integrated system based curriculum spanning over three phases. Phase I consists of five terms. (The duration of each term is ten weeks). Ten modules are included in Phase one. The Personal and Professional Development (PPD) stream begins in Phase 1 and continue throughout phase II and Phase III.

Phase II consists of six terms (Term 6 - 11). Sixteen modules, Community Health Stream (CHS) and the PPD stream are included in Phase II. Each module/stream committee is chaired by a chairperson and assisted by a convener with an average of 5-8 committee members representing the relevant departments. The committee members are selected on the basis of the main subjects which are to be included in the module to facilitate smooth implementation.


Community Based Medical Learning (CMBL) is a rural posting for all students and is held at the end of the 4th year.

One of the Institutional objectives of the Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Sri Jayewardenepura is to train a graduate to work in a primary care setting. Many inputs are made into the curriculum to achieve this. This year the Community Based Medical Learning programme (CBML) focused on supervised exposures to state primary care facilities with self directed learning and reflective writing.


Professorial unit appointments span over the final year in Phase III conducted at the university professorial units in the Colombo South Teaching Hospital at Kalubowila rotating through 8-week attachments in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics and 4 weeks each in Family Medicine and Psychiatry.