The Department of Surgery was established in 1995. The academic department is situated within the Faculty premises while the clinical teaching is conducted at Professorial Unit, Colombo South Teaching Hospital.


Participation in Undergraduate Training Programmes

We participate in the MBBS degree programme.


Participation in Postgraduate Training Programmes

We are also a recognized training unit for the MD in Surgery postgraduate course conducted by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, Colombo.

  • MD in surgery
    Registrars in General Surgery
    Senior Registrars in General surgery with Special interest in
       Upper GI Surgery
       Lower GI Surgery
       HPB Surgery
  • Clinical Nutrition
    Registrars / Senior Registrars
  • Emergency Medicine
    Registrars / Senior Registrars


Teaching Activities

The department conducts the following regular teaching activities for undergraduates and postgraduates:

  • Daily ward based teaching
  • Clinic based teaching
  • Tutorials
  • Lectures in Phase II of the curriculum
  • Skills training sessions
  • Theatre sessions
  • Emergency admissions based teaching
  • Endotherapy session based teaching
  • Journal Club / Mortality Morbidity Meetings
  • Clinico Pathological Meetings
  • Multidisciplinary Team Meetings



The academic department is located within the Anatomy Block of the Faculty. The Professorial surgical unit at Colombo South Teaching Hospital has male and female wards with a bed strength of 40 each and well equipped Endoscopy and Endotherapy units. The Endotherapy unit which has been in existence since 1997, is considered as a national referral unit for advanced therapeutic endoscopy. A hospital based Clinical Skills Development Centre was also developed by the department.

There are two High Dependency Units attached to the wards with a total of seven beds. Urology and Gastrointestinal Physiology specialties are also been handled in our unit.


Services to the Community

The following clinical services are provided at the University Surgical Unit of the Colombo South Teaching Hospital:

  • Four full day elective and emergency operating sessions per week.
  • Two outpatient clinics per week.
  • Wound care clinic
  • Hepatobiliary clinic
  • Urology clinic


Awards Received

  • Best productivity unit of CSTH (2018) - Ward 24
  • Best process improvement unit of CSTH (2015/2016) - Ward 24
  • Best KAIZEN of CSTH (2016/2017) - Ward 24
    • Identification method of changing the water in humidifier bottle of the oxygen cylinder daily by using colour code.
    • Identification method of changing the syringes daily, that are used for nebulization by using colour code.